Howling Pack's - Alaskan Malamutes
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Ultimate drive...

As said in the introduction, elsewhere on this website, the sleddog sport is what we live for; not just me, but especially the dogs. We just can't wait for the temperatures to drop as low as needed to responsibly start training.

Building up training intensity

Usually it gets cold enough in October. We take the training cart, or more often, the quad and start the season of with short tours to build up muscles again and improve endurance. When the season progresses we focus more on speed and mileage. Parallel to this proces we participate in small races to also refresh their discipline in this respect.


In the end we gradually work towards some middle distance races and/or longer leisure tours somewhere around the middle or end of the season (February, March), when snow certainty is at its highest in Middle Europe.

The real deal: Guy & team at a race in Dévoley (France) in March 2002.
Leaddogs Yunaska (l.) and Renzy, teamdog Curly and wheeldogs Moony (l.) and Nighty / (Picture: Corradi)

Cooling down and rest

At last we diminish training intensity during March and April, unfortunately in Belgium this takes place in the mud again with cart or quad. :-) During the summer the dogs enjoy their necessary rest period. To keep them happy we sometimes take a walk or go for a cooling swim.