Howling Pack's - Alaskan Malamutes
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Drive: mushing

Howling Pack's is a Belgian Alaskan Malamute Kennel. Mushing is the ultimate drive in our kennel. Both me and the dogs love spending as much time as possible training with the cart, quad or sled and participating in national and international sleddog races, and this has been so from the beginning onwards.

Brief historic overview

Howling Pack's history starts in 1990, with the purchase of our first two Malamutes, Portos and Parnac. The breeders of both these dogs were the ones that introduced us into the world of mushing and thaught us our first basic knowledge. Ever since then we have gradually expanded our team, ran many, many training miles (both at home with the cart or quad and with the sled, for instance in La Pesse, France) and participated in some of the greater races in Europe, such as the 3-day Odyssee 2001 (Ardennes, France), Super Dévoley (France) or the German championship sprint.

Portos (left) and Parnac, the 'Mals' that started our kennel...

Breeding program

When breeding our dogs we strive for the optimisation of build, the will to run and a sociable character. Out of a litter we will try to keep the most suitable dogs to continue the breeding line. The other puppies are sold to responsible owners. See for more information on pups the corresponding page on this website.

Season 2005 - 2006

At this moment we have about 8 working dogs (the others are either puppies or retired Malamutes), some of which are still too young (read: inexperienced) to run the larger distances. During the upcoming season 2005-2006 we will therefore focus on running a team of 6 dogs. In this respects, sprint distances will also be interesting this season, especially to introduce the youngsters to the hectic surrounding the races.